History of the Heal the World project

The ‘Heal the World’ project was born in April 2019.

For the realization of the Heal the World logo, we held a contest on social networks where any designer who wanted could participate. Finally, the winner was Johana Bellis Paredes who made the fantastic logo that we currently use and which has had a great reception from the public. The logo maintains the essence of Vino Mío, with the same colors and style but providing great originality.

Last March 2019 we made the official presentation of the project to the press and we had the presence of the then councilor of the Malaga City Council, Mar Torres. The news had a great impact and was published in various newspapers, television interviews and radio stations in Malaga.

After seven months of work, the project is fully implemented and is well known. It is time to expand to raise more funds and to help more NGOs to become known.

For this, we request the participation of all those companies that wish to be part of the project. With all the requests from companies we will make a selection and announce those that will finally be part of the project the first week of December.

We will start in January with 20 companies and in the middle of the year we will make a new selection and add another 10 companies.

What does participation consist of?

You have to donate a percentage of client accounts to the NGO of the month. You decide the schedule and the percentage (minimum 10%).

The benefits of customers who have expressly stated that they want to donate a part of their purchase to the HTW project will be donated

Collaborating companies must publicize the beneficiary NGO of that month and the project itself, through their social networks using the hashtag #healtheworld

Vino Mío is in charge of keeping its Facebook updated for the contest and the website

At the end of the month the payment will be made to the beneficiary NGO

Who Collaborates Externally?

Malaga city council: we can use your logo for the website and publications.

The press: among others Pasadeprensa, Canal Malaga, Cuéntame algo bueno, Diario Sur and La Cope.

Hanni Martini: She voluntarily runs Facebook and the Heal the World website.

Artists: Hoffman, Virginia Elosegui, Beatriz Romero, Rosario Fernandez Florida and Eugenio.

Iñaki Delgado, Artist Agent: will locate artists for events organized in favor of Heal the World.

Manuel Beltran: Every year in May we will organize the Heal the World parade in front of the Cervantes theater. In addition, their models present our new NGO every month. In this way we will access young people. They will be more aware of the needs out there and it can motivate them to help others.

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