This week the different NGO beneficiaries of the project that began last April have met at the Vino Mío restaurant, Heal the world. In these eight months, different organizations have benefited such as Asociación Málaga Dragon Boat, Inpavi, Casa Ronald McDonald, Málaga Acoge, Cudeca, Madre Coraje, Asociación Superhéroes – Un niño una sonrisa o Ángeles Malagueños de la noche.

It is an idea that comes from the owner of Vino Mío,  Hélène Mostertman, and that for a long time I wanted to start. It is now when you have found the way to do it and the right collaborators to count on to carry it out.

The project consists of sponsoring a different NGO each month in order to raise funds and make it known. For this, it carries out various activities and special offers in order to collect the maximum possible benefits and be able to help them. In addition, a network of contacts is created that helps them to make themselves known and get more support for their different purposes.

The first three NGOs were chosen by the owner of Vino Mío, but after these three months it is done through voting on Vino Mío’s Facebook. The followers of the networks will be able to vote for the NGO they prefer to be the beneficiary of the following month.

The project has the backing of the Malaga City Council in addition to the collaboration of various media. Likewise, several artists such as Hoffman, Virginia Elósegui, Beatriz Romero, Rosario Fernández Florida and Eugenio have joined the initiative, offering to hold events. For its part, the Manuel Beltrán Academy of Models has already shown its willingness to hold a parade in the Plaza del Teatro Cervantes to benefit the cause and the artists agency Iñaki Delgado also offers its artists to carry out solidarity activities. Heal the World networks and website are voluntarily coordinated by Hanni Martini

After a few months, it begins to count on other companies and businesses that have joined this Heal the World solidarity movement. The intention of Hélène Mostertman is to reach twenty employees by the beginning of 2020. Companies and businesses that add to deliver a percentage of their sale to the beneficiary NGO each month and enter that group of contacts to help people more they need it.

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