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Heal The World Project


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From Vino Mío we will sponsor an NGO every month with the objective of raising funds and spreading them.

In Vino Mío we are launching the solidary project “Heal the World”, inspired by the song that Michael Jackson made immortal. It is an idea that part of the owner of Vino Mío, Hélène, and that for a long time wanted to start up. It is now when we have found a way to do it and the right collaborators to count on to carry it out.

So we will sponsor a different NGO each month and make it known.
For this we will carry out various activities to raise as:

20% of the total amount will be donated to the NGO. Also you can choose from our La Carta

Solidarity Menu, with a cost of € 29 and of which 7 euros is allocated to the NGO of the month.

“Copa Solidaria” on Fridays from 17 to 19 hours. From each mixed drink that we sell, 3 Euros will be destined to the NGO .

Art exhibition. For each object sold in the monthly exhibitions of Vino Mío, 10% Merchandising will be allocated to the NGO of the month (bags, T-shirts, corkscrews, and Rioja bottles, all with the logo …)

Solidarity Venue 

The NGO’s since we started the project in April 2019:

April: “Málaga Dragon Boat” Club that is dedicated to supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer, providing positive energy, with activities such as rowing in the Mediterranean Club.

May: “NGO INPAVI” (integration for life), which helps families who are at risk of social exclusion and / or poverty, their delegate Eva Pascual.

June: Ronald McDonald Foundation; They help families who have sick children and need a home during treatment. Vino Mío has a close relationship with them for years.

JulyCudeca” Caring for, alleviating, accompanying and offering specialized palliative care to patients living in the province of Málaga, who suffer from cancer and other illnesses, in an advanced and terminal phase, and offering support and comfort to their families.

August: “Málaga Acoge“is an association, non-denominational and non-partisan, of volunteers with solidarity and transformative awareness, which, since 1990 and in a pioneer way, works for the integration and promotion of immigrants in the province of Malaga.

September: “Asociación Madre Coraje” Association is a non-governmental development organization created in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) and with an outstanding establishment in Spain, Peru and Mozambique. It is non-denominational and non-partisan. It was founded in 1991 by the physicist and engineer Antonio Gómez Moreno after his stay in Peru, when he was impressed by the harsh reality of the “piranha children” who searched the trash to survive.1 The association took the name of María Elena Moyano , called “Mother Courage.” María Elena was a Peruvian woman engaged in the struggle for the impoverished of the young towns around Lima (Peru). He founded popular canteens and several women’s associations. She was killed by the Shining Path terrorist group in 1992.

In October “Asociación SuperHeroes Un Niño una Sonrisa” Dedicated by and for children, visit and make them smile and have a more pleasant day, Spiderman, Batman etc … Who as a child has not had a Superhero, and not so small! Well, that’s what this project is based on, that children and adults enjoy !!

In November “Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche” is an NGO from Malaga born in 2007 whose main task is to feed the most needy.

The NGO is made up of a group of volunteers who are dedicated to preparing meals that they distribute among the needy people who come to the social canteen. Every day they prepare more than 2500 meals for the most disadvantaged.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”OUR SOLIDARITY LUNCH MENU”][/ultimate_heading]

Price: € 29, of which 7€ goes to the NGO


STARTER (to choose) :

  • Bolsita Crujiente : Stuffed with prawns and vegetables, accompanied with tomato jam and oregano
  • Triángulos de Verduras : Vegetarian tapa served with chilidulce sauce.
  • Paté Picasso : Accompanied with cranberry sauce and brandy, served with toast.

MAIN (to choose) :

  • Solomillo de Ternera : Top quality, served with baked potatoes, seasonal vegetables and boletus sauce and black truffle oil
  • Bacalao San Marino : Tender fillet of cod fillet au gratin baked, served with potatoes and season vegetables.
  • Boda Árabe : Cous cous salad tempered with fresh vegetables and raisins, served with grilled vegetables, a prawn pinchito with green herb dressing and garlic.

DESSERT (to share) :

  • Tarta Guiness  : Black beer and cocoa cake with cheese frosting.
  • Mousse de Mango : Exotic and creamy mango mouse

DRINKS (to choose)

We invite to 2 drinks with the menu


The project was presented on Thursday and counted with the presence of Hélène Mostertman, owner of the establishment, Mar Torres, Councilor for Social Welfare of the City Council, Eva Pascual, delegate of INPAVI Málaga, Elisabet Plaza Pérez and María Pilar Guerrero Sánchez, representatives of the project. Málaga Dragon Boat’; and Rafael Castaño and Vicente Moros, president and manager of the Ronald McDonald Foundation, respectively. + www.restaurantevinomio.es


“Heal the World” is a solidarity project that will be carried out by the Restaurant “Vino Mío” located in Málaga and will be started in April. Its name was inspired by the song that Michael Jackson made immortal. + www.cuentamealgobueno.com


Today our first lunch at noon with volunteers from the NGO this month. Friends of @malagadragonboatbcs enjoyed our “Heal the World” solidarity menu. + Info


The owner of Vino Mío, Hélène Mostertman, being interviewed at the COPE Radio Station in Málaga, talking about our new “Heal the World” project. + Sound


We have created a transparency portal for everibody to see the income resulting from the various events and sales of merchandise. + Info

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”WANT TO HELP ?”][/ultimate_heading]

Do you know an NGO that would like to collaborate? Are you someone with solidarity concerns? Enter our Facebook page and leave your message. Among the NGOs that are proposed to us we will do a survey and we will add them to our campaign 🙂

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